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Subject Re: [DOSGi] Reworking the system tests
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 11:39:47 GMT
Thanks for the heads up Eoghan.

I understood that the recent tiny bundles integration could take care
of this. Have a look at the bottom example in Do you think
that will do it?



2010/1/22 Eoghan Glynn <>:
> David,
> One thing to note about pax-exam is that its doesn't AFAIK have a feature
> analogous to the spring-osgi-test support for accessing and adding to the
> manifest for the on-the-fly bundle.
> Now I don't know whether we could possibly live without this
> manifest-mangling as currently done by the dOSGi systests, specifically
> setting the DynamicImport-Package header to "*".
> If we can live without this setting, no worries. If not, its something to
> consider about adopting pax-exam.
> Cheers,
> Eoghan
> 2010/1/22 <>
>> Hi all,
>> One of the things to-do for the DOSGi refactoring work that's
>> currently happening on trunk is to re-enable the system tests.
>> Now both Sergey and I have been fighting with the spring-osgi based
>> testing system that's there before and I can tell you it's generally
>> no fun at all. The biggest problem that I've encountered with it is
>> the interference of the test framework with the CXF-DOSGi code as they
>> both use Spring-DM but sometimes have conflicting requirements.
>> So I'd like to spend a little bit of time refactoring the system tests
>> to use Pax-Exam. I haven't used it in anger yet but I've heard good
>> things about it and it should not suffer from the interference
>> problem.
>> Thoughts anyone?
>> David

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