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From Rémi Flament <>
Subject SOAP Monitoring console for CXF
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 04:46:01 GMT

I wrote a soap monitoring tool for cxf and I'd like to make it open 
source. I'd like to know if it could be included in cxf package since I 
think it could be useful to other cxf users.

Basically it's just two soap interceptors that store requests, responses 
and some more data in a database.
Additional data is the service name, the operation name, the exception 
type and the stacktrace if the response is a fault, the response time, 
the status, the user agent, the encoding, http headers, etc.
It also provides a mechanism so users can store their own additional 
data if they need to.

The cxf console comes with 3 maven modules :

- cxf-soap-console-dao : used for CRUD operation in database, use 
iBatis. MySQL is supported, I'll add Oracle and Postgres support soon 
since I need it, I might also add derby support.
- cxf-soap-console-interceptors : the soap interceptors that users need 
to add to their webservices. They are basically extended versions of 
LoggingInterceptors from cxf.
- cxf-soap-console-webapp : a webapp to show data stored by the 
interceptors (see attached screenshots)

It is still in an alpha stage, here are some planned features ;

- statistics by service
- statistics by operation
- jfreechart inclusion in the webapp
- a search form
- make it a cxf feature

I've attached the source code, some screenshots, and the ddl script to 
create the database. Maven should generate a war deployable in tomcat, 
mvn eclipse:eclipse will generate the eclipse projects. The datasource 
must be named jdbc/cxf/console.

Has this any chance to be included in cxf or should I create a separate 
project on google code/sourceforge ?


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