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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Status of CXF releases (2.1.9/2.2.6/2.3)
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 15:28:54 GMT

We've had several people ask about these this week so I wanted to send out a 
wider mail with my thoughts and plans around these releases to make everyone 
aware of them.

First: 2.1.9 -  as discussed a couple months ago on the dev list, 2.1.9 will 
be the last release on the 2.1.x line at Apache.   The migration from 2.1.x to 
2.2.x is normally fairly easy.   See the migration guide at:
All users are encouraged to start migrating if at all possible.   2.1.x has 
been out for almost 21 months and 2.2 for almost a year.   By not doing merges 
and such to 2.1.x, we can more easily concentrate on getting 2.3 done and out.   
That means if you need things fixed for 2.1.9, get patches in ASAP.    :-)

2.1.9/2.2.6 - The current plan is to do the builds for these sometime during 
the week of the 18th.    Thus, by Monday the 25th, it should be  at central 
and on the mirrors and such and there should be an announcement of the 
release.    If you have patches and stuff that need to be incorporated into 
these releases, get them logged in JIRA ASAP. 

HOWEVER, these releases depend on a release of Jettison 1.2 since we currently 
require a SNAPSHOT of it.    Dejan is hoping to do that release next week 
sometime which would be fine for us, but if that gets delayed at all, we'll 
need to delay a bit.    (Again, if you have any Jettison fixes, get them in 
ASAP as well)

2.2.6 and 2.1.9 contain a TON of bug fixes.   Over the last several months, 
we've really concentrated on getting the JIRA bug queue down.   That's been 
great for 2.2.6 and the stability of CXF in general, but we haven't done much 
toward getting 2.3 out because of that.   Once these releases are out the 
door, I hope to really be able to again concentrate on the missing things for 
2.3 and get that out early in Q2.  Hopefully in early April.    Obviously, 
there is still a bit of work to do to get there (and we need to get the JAX-RS 
1.1 TCK), but I'm hoping that it can be done for April.   There is a lot of 
exciting things in 2.3 that I'd like to get out there:

1) JAX-RS 1.1
2) All the new annotations:
3) SDO databinding
4) SOAP over JMS spec compliance
5) Improved memory footprint and startup times

One thing that will probably NOT be in 2.3 is JAX-WS 2.2 support unless some 
sudden demand pops up for it.   Using JAX-WS 2.2 with Java6 is a real pain 
(requires endorsing jars and such) which is a pretty large burden for users.  
Thus, we'll probably delay this till 2.4 or maybe create a separate "jaxws22" 
module that extends the 2.1 module or something.   

Anyway, that's the state of things from my viewpoint.   Any thoughts or ideas 
from others would be appreciated.   Patches are always welcome as well.   :-)

Daniel Kulp

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