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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject Re: Migrating CXF-DOSGi to be complaint with the new OSGi Remote Service Admin spec
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 11:15:06 GMT
Marc has submitted the first patch to bug 2427.
I'll be applying the patch shortly.

As this is work in progress, here's a summary of a few things that
aren't finished yet:
Remote Service Admin & Topology Manager   (former DSW):
- Support of the HTTP service is not working at the moment as the
complete configuration type handler is deactivated
- Only the Pojo configuration type handler is supported at the moment
the others will follow soon
- The service decorator is disabled at the moment
- Configuration of the Remote Service Admin and the Topology Manager
via the Configuration Admin is not possible
- Most of the test cases from the former DSW are deactivated as they
need to be adapted to the Remote Service Admin and the Topology

- Local Discovery is missing
- The Systests are deactivated as they are not yet adapted to the new

Marc and I will be working on resolving these issues.

Best regards,


2009/12/4 David Bosschaert <>:
> Hi all,
> As you've seen, the CXF-DOSGi 1.1 release is out [1]. Thanks Eoghan!
> 1.1 is compliant with the current OSGi 4.2 Remote Services spec [2].
> In the mean time, in the OSGi Alliance an additional 'Distributed
> OSGi' specification is nearing completion: Remote Service Admin [3].
> This spec defines a number of APIs used internally in Distributed OSGi
> implementations. The APIs define the interaction between the
> Distribution Provider, Discovery System and a component called the
> Topology Manager. The benefit of implementing this standard is that
> you can mix & match components from various implementations together.
> For instance if someone provided a compliant Discovery implementation
> based on UDDI, you could just replace the ZooKeeper-based one in CXF
> with that UDDI one. It would just be a matter of replacing the
> bundles.
> CXF-DOSGi is the Reference Implementation of chapter 13, and will also
> be the reference implementation of chapter 122.
> Marc Schaaf has been working on refactoring the CXF-DOSGi
> implementation to also be compliant with Remote Service Admin while
> maintaining backward compatibility. Marc and I are planning to
> contribute this work to CXF-DOSGi trunk over the coming weeks.
> This might destabilize
> for a little while, which is one of the reasons why we waited until
> after the 1.1 release.
> Hope everyone is ok with this.
> Best regards,
> David
> [1]
> [2] Chapter 13 in the 4.2 Compendium
> [3] Chapter 122 in

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