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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Should DOSGi have it's own JIRA?
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 02:58:06 GMT

Is there any objections to moving the DOSGI stuff out to it's own JIRA?  If 
not, I'll do so on Friday.   Speak now...  :-)


On Mon December 14 2009 2:39:17 pm Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Quick question:
> What are peoples thoughts about pulling the DOSGi stuff from the "CXF" JIRA
> into a separate CXFDOSGI (or just DOSGI) JIRA in the "Category: CXF"
>  section at:
> There are pluses and minuses:
> DOSGi has it's own release schedule, own version numbers,etc.... Thus,
>  having it's own project in JIRA allows it to track those things properly
>  without it affecting the main CXF project.
> Also, DOSGi has it's own components such as its own build system, local vs
> remote discovery, etc...   Having it's own JIRA project would allow
>  defining nice components for it's own uses.
> On the minus side, it does kind of lower the visibility of the DOSGi issues
>  in the CXF JIRA since they wouldn't be there.
> One COULD argue that JAX-RS could also be pulled out.   However, the JAX-RS
> stuff is currently part of the main build and released as part of the full
>  CXF stuff.  Thus, keeping it in is less of an issue.  If we eventually
>  split the builds into a "core", "webservices", "rest", etc... then it may
>  make sense to do so at that time.
> Thoughts?

Daniel Kulp

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