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From Cyrille Le Clerc <>
Subject Questions regarding JAX-RS exception handling
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 16:52:02 GMT
   Dear all,

   I am looking at the consistency of exception handling among JAX-WS
and JAX-RS. My primary goal is to ensure cxf management metrics (JMX)
are consistent.

   Here are few questions :


If an ExceptionMapper handles the exception :

1) The JAXRSInvoker returns a Response instead of throwing an Exception

2) Thus PhaseInterceptorChain does NOT see that an exception occurred
during the invocation

3) Thus the "Out Interceptors" are not replaced by the "Out Fault
Interceptors" and these "Out Interceptors" are called on
#handleMessage() with the outMessage (ie the response created by the
ExceptionMapper) instead of being called on #handleFaultMessage() with
the inMessage when information like the FaultMode is still holded by
the inMessage

4) Interceptors like the ResponseTimeMessageOutInterceptor who rely on
the faultMode attribute located on the Message that is being passed to
handleMessage/handleFault are lost, they don't find the information
they look for

Questions :
* Wouldn't it make sense to call the  "Out Fault Interceptors" if a
JAX-RS exception is mapped to a custom response ?
* which message should be given to the handleFaultMessage() ? The
inMessage that caused the exception and that holds the exception as an
attribute (it would be consistent with JAX-WS) or the outMessage as
currently done ?


ClientProxyImpl handles exceptions after calling the interceptors
when, with JAX-WS, exception handling (CheckFaultInterceptor) is
performed in the POST_PROTOCOL phase.

Due to this, the "In Interceptors Chain" is called instead of the "In
Fault Interceptors Chain" and interceptors like
ResponseTimeMessageInInterceptor don't see the Response as an

Question :
Can we imagine to refactor jaxrs client side exception handling as a
post protocol interceptor ?

I hope this email was not too long ; it took me few hours to check all
these use cases and figure out how it worked :-)

Cyrille Le Clerc

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