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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Idea for JAX WS binding files during code generation
Date Sat, 21 Nov 2009 02:55:18 GMT
On Fri November 20 2009 4:38:14 pm Christian Schneider wrote:
> Often binding files are simply used to adjust things you want to have in
> all code generated from your wsdls. (Like mapping XmlGregorianCalendar
> to Date).
> Still the binding file must contain a wsdlLocation. So this makes it
> impossible to define one default binding file in the default options.
> So in the case of a default binding file I propose to write a copy of
> the binding file to the target directory and replace the wsdlLocation
> with the location of the wsdl file that is currently processed.
> Is this a good idea?

That's one possibility.

> Another solution would be to allow the wsdlLocation to be missing in the
> binding file and then internally resolve it to the wsdl file currently
> processed in the wsdl2java tool. This would be cleaner but I think this
> would be against the spec.

Yea, against spec.   Section 8.4 specifically says it's mandatory for an 
external binding file. 

A couple options to think about:

1) Add an "-extensions" flag that enables some vendor extensions including 
this.   We can expand this in the future for more things.   The wsimport tool 
for the JAXWS-RI has this flag for this purpose as well.

2) Add a "new" flag for "special" binding file.   Leave -b as is, but add a -B 
for "default" binding that apply to everything.  (wsdlLocation ignored)

I actually kind of like option 1.  

Daniel Kulp

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