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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Reading wsdls from maven repo - Need some help deciding how to go on with this issue
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2009 15:52:43 GMT

Well, my opinion is that you're already 90% there, might as well go the last 
10%.   You now have a handle to the File in the local repo.    It's only a 
couple lines of code to copy that into target and use it from there. 
 File target = new File(outputDir, src.getName());
 FileUtils.copy(src,  target);

FYI: there are a couple of plugins that actually do this as well.   If you 
look in the target dir of any of our build modules, you'll see that checkstyle 
and pmd and remote-resources and others copy their required bits into target 
to execute from there.

The "tricky" thing from my standpoint is whether to set the "wsdlLocation" 
flag to the original location or not (if the user didn't provide a 
wsdlLocation).   Since neither location is exactly portable, it probably 
doesn't matter.


On Wed November 11 2009 1:42:16 am Christian Schneider wrote:
> I am currently a little stuck with issue
> The approach I used does not work well with binding files. Also I have
> found a quite nice way to read the wsdls from the repository without
> needing to extend CXF. I have described the idea in the last comment of
> the issue.
> So the question is to either remove the code from CXF again or find a
> way to make it work with binding files. Do you have any ideas about
> this? I would like to solve this before the next release.
> Greetings
> Christian

Daniel Kulp

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