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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject Re: [New feature] Logging in ATOM Feeds and pushing to client
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 10:45:54 GMT
Hi Andy

I've just had a chance to read the documentation you put in place, I think it is very impressive.
Just CC-ing to the dev list, as 
this feature is still being developed, given that CXF 2.2.6 will only be released early next

I have just few comments. They're more about some additional configs/etc

- At the moment the log events are embedded inside feeds, which is fine, especially when the
batch size is greater than one...I feel 
it would make sense to let users choose that a single Atom entry (not wrapped by a feed) should
be pushed if a batch size is equal 
to 1.
Perhaps it can done by default (batch size1 -> entry, >=1 -> feed of entries) but
let users to enable/disable this entry-only 

For ex, the remote URI can point to some other feed (collection) which the client exposes
to its own consumers, so it might be 
useful to let them simply point to a feed URI and CXF will just POST individual entries to
it, it will be just a normal AtomPub 
collection update.
And if users have chosen to push, say, only fatal log events, then sending an entry per log
event would not put much stress on the 

- Atom specific : users should be able to choose how a log record is embedded inside a given
entry. I like the idea of putting it 
into atom:entry:/atom:content of type application/xml, however some users may prefer the Atom
extenstions, so it will be an 
atom:entry/log:logRecord...The latter option might work well for json given that Abdera supports
JSON, not sure though...but also 
let add an html content to the entry/content, in addition to the xml content added directly
to the entry element.

- It would be nice to let users easily inject customized WebClients (ex, preferring JSON or
set with some additional headers, etc) 
from Spring, but it may actually be quite easy to do, they'll have to reconfigure a WebDeliverer
bean and possibly list a default 
retrier bean ?

- I like the idea of letting users to select multiple loggers(packages)/levels...It should
cover most of cases. Perhaps, going 
forward, we may let them choose not only by level but also by level and category, category
only, etc...

- At the moment, the delivery will stop if a single delivery fails, unless a retry strategy
is configured. I think it is reasonable. 
But I'm thinking of having a property such as a 'send and forget' one, but we can enable it
once WebClient start supporting one 

That is mostly it,
thanks, Sergey

> Recent builds started to expose initial effort of JAXRS extension in area of
> logging -- ability to handle log events, pack as ATOM Feeds and push to the
> client. Documentation is available here:
> I
> would like to validate future steps with community so feel free to share
> your comments here.
> cheers, andy.
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