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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: mvn clean without having the plugins
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:21:05 GMT
I think this could be combined with the profile idea. How about creating 
a profile clean that contains
the snapshot repo. That means the other profiles will not be affected by 
the repository and mvn -Pclean clean
should work even without having the plugins in the local repository.



Daniel Kulp schrieb:
> On Mon October 19 2009 1:37:49 am Christian Schneider wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> at the moment a mvn clean does not work when the cxf maven plugins are
>> not present in the local hpository.  I thought about how we could
>> achieve that it works.
>> Would it be possible to define a profile that does not include the
>> plugins. So we could call something like mvn -Pclean clean?
> I don't think so.   You cannot really "remove" a plugin in a profile, you can 
> just add.   Thus, the default profiles would not be able to have the plugin, 
> which would make things quite a bit more complicates.
> One option that MIGHT work is to add the snapshot repo as a pluginRepository 
> into the poms.   Thus, if you don't have the plugin built already, it would 
> download it.   Since we have hudson doing deploys every night there is a 
> change, the only time that wouldn't work is on the day we're doing release 
> builds where the pom has been updated, but the new deploy build hasn't 
> triggered yet.
> I used to hate having a snapshot pluginRepo as that was an invitation to get 
> all kinds of unwanted snapshots versions of plugins.   However, with maven 
> 2.0.10 (and 2.2.1) locking most things down and we went through and locked 
> down everything else, I think we'd be OK.
> Dan
>> Greetings
>> Christian


Christian Schneider

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