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From Richard Opalka <>
Subject Re: Suggestion to integrate J2XB into CXF
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 07:11:44 GMT
On first sight I thought it's about my free time project.
Then I noticed the diff ;)


On 10/12/2009 07:02 PM, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> On Mon October 12 2009 9:12:15 am Yoav Abrahami wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have been seeing the XFire and CXF projects mature of the last few years
>> and really like the approach. Great work guys.
>> J2XB is an open source for Data Binding with some novel ideas.
>> I have been running for some time trying to prove a point - that you can
>> define a complete service interface in Java using only Java code and
>> annotations.
> JAXB + JAX-WS already allows this.   :-)   We've been trying to prove the same
> point for quite some time.   :-)
>> A Service interface includes the WSDL generation including XML Schema
>> generation with full facets supports, inheritance, customized structure
>> mapping, etc.
> Again, JAXB + JAX-WS, although we can also do so with Aegis.
>> In addition, it has novel support for model classes which do not have
>> default constructors and require the use of complex constructors or
>> factories.
> Now that starts getting interesting.
>> The J2XB site is at
>> I am currently thinking about returning to the J2XB project to add
>> additional novel ideas for adding comments and documentation to the
>> generated WSDL and for complete interfaces inheritance support, as well as
>> thoughts about enabling a second mapping configuration alternative as XML
>> instead of annotations.
>> I am basically asking you guys two questions
>> 1. Is there an interest in integrating J2XB 1.1 as it is now with Apache
>> CFX?
> Well, I haven't seen any demand for it from CXF users specifically, but it may
> be valuable, possibly for J2XB users.   Having never followed J2XB at all, I'm
> not sure how valuable it would be to them.
> The main issue, looking at the javadoc API's, is that it seems to be fairly
> "file based" and not really stream based, and definitely preferrable Stax
> based.   That definitely will make it MUCH harder to integrate into CXF.
> CXF pretty much uses Stax (XMLStreamWriter/XMLStreamReader) things for pretty
> much all interaction with the databinding layer.   If the databinding supports
> that, it's usually not hard to integrate into CXF.
> You could look at the XMLBeans databinding as an example:
> or the SDO databinging:
> Particularly the DataWriterImpls and DataReaderImpls.
> Likewise, for generating the Schemas to stick in the generated wsdl, we would
> need to generate into either:
> 1) DOMs
> 2) Stax (which we would then go to DOM)
> 3) org.apache XmlSchema schema objects (eventually, the DOM's from above go
> into this)
>> 2. Is there an interest in continuing the work of the J2XB project either
>>   as joining it or as taking the ideas (including the ones I am thinking of
>>   for J2XB 2.0) to existing frameworks in CFX?
> Having never heard of J2XB before, I really have no idea.  :-)

Richard Opalka
JBoss Software Engineer

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