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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Suggestion to integrate J2XB into CXF
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 17:02:29 GMT
On Mon October 12 2009 9:12:15 am Yoav Abrahami wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been seeing the XFire and CXF projects mature of the last few years
> and really like the approach. Great work guys.
> J2XB is an open source for Data Binding with some novel ideas.
> I have been running for some time trying to prove a point - that you can
> define a complete service interface in Java using only Java code and
> annotations.

JAXB + JAX-WS already allows this.   :-)   We've been trying to prove the same 
point for quite some time.   :-)

> A Service interface includes the WSDL generation including XML Schema
> generation with full facets supports, inheritance, customized structure
> mapping, etc.

Again, JAXB + JAX-WS, although we can also do so with Aegis.

> In addition, it has novel support for model classes which do not have
> default constructors and require the use of complex constructors or
> factories.

Now that starts getting interesting.

> The J2XB site is at
> I am currently thinking about returning to the J2XB project to add
> additional novel ideas for adding comments and documentation to the
> generated WSDL and for complete interfaces inheritance support, as well as
> thoughts about enabling a second mapping configuration alternative as XML
> instead of annotations.
> I am basically asking you guys two questions
> 1. Is there an interest in integrating J2XB 1.1 as it is now with Apache
> CFX?

Well, I haven't seen any demand for it from CXF users specifically, but it may 
be valuable, possibly for J2XB users.   Having never followed J2XB at all, I'm 
not sure how valuable it would be to them.  

The main issue, looking at the javadoc API's, is that it seems to be fairly 
"file based" and not really stream based, and definitely preferrable Stax 
based.   That definitely will make it MUCH harder to integrate into CXF.    
CXF pretty much uses Stax (XMLStreamWriter/XMLStreamReader) things for pretty 
much all interaction with the databinding layer.   If the databinding supports 
that, it's usually not hard to integrate into CXF.    

You could look at the XMLBeans databinding as an example:
or the SDO databinging:

Particularly the DataWriterImpls and DataReaderImpls.

Likewise, for generating the Schemas to stick in the generated wsdl, we would 
need to generate into either:
1) DOMs
2) Stax (which we would then go to DOM)
3) org.apache XmlSchema schema objects (eventually, the DOM's from above go 
into this)

> 2. Is there an interest in continuing the work of the J2XB project either
>  as joining it or as taking the ideas (including the ones I am thinking of
>  for J2XB 2.0) to existing frameworks in CFX? 

Having never heard of J2XB before, I really have no idea.  :-)

Daniel Kulp

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