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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: How do I write and test a sample?
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 06:38:50 GMT
Hi Glen,

perhaps you can use what implemented some days ago.

The following issues describe a way to read WSDLs from a maven repo or 
to write WSDLs to a maven repo.

So you can specifiy that the WSDL for client and server is simply read 
from the maven repo.

Btw. you can avoid using the WSDL at runtime. If you generate the code 
and configure your service like this in spring the WSDL is not necessary:
    <jaxws:client id="customerService"

ServiceName and endpointName are arbitrary names. They only matter if 
someone tries to look at the generated wsdl with ?wsdl.



Glen Mazza schrieb:
> Normally, you're creating the SOAP client for somebody else's web service,
> so, yes, you'll have the code generation within the client's pom.  My
> SOAP-client only example does that:
> Creating a special jar for the wsdl-first example was just a simplicity
> issue so as not to duplicate the JAX-WS code generation for both service and
> client.  It's not perfect; namely, the * file will still
> hardcode a specific default reference to the WSDL file on the local machine,
> not helpful if the client and service are on different machines.  To
> increase portability, I was thinking of somehow including the WSDL in the
> JAR file and having the * file point to *that* WSDL if possible. 
> Still, for a simple tutorial the current method works.
> Glen
> Christian Schneider wrote:
>> So I think my problem is solved but thanks for the nice example. I have 
>> a question about the example. You create code from the wsdl into a 
>> special jar. Wouldn´t it be easier to include the code generation into 
>> the client and the server pom?
>> Greetings
>> Christian

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