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From Demetris <>
Subject Re: WSDL2JS
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 04:36:03 GMT

Nothing like the good old 'giving it a shot' trick ;) My problem is 
indeed how to both run clients and servers
on mobile devices and under J2ME-CDC. And it is a pretty damn limited 
field to manage to fit in it
comprehensive stacks either from Axis or CXF. In any case, I will try to 
see if a rich CXF client can
call a ksoap-server WS and let the list know.

Thanks much

Oisin Hurley wrote:
>> How convoluted would it be for me at least to isolate tools like the wsdl2js
>> and their classes (WSDLToJavascript etc.)
>> and port it into J2ME-CDC or CLDC?
> Pretty damn convoluted, and many months of labor, if I recall the CDC, CLDC
> profile limitations correctly (file system issues, missing classes, potentially
> weird XML parser issues, resource constraints, missing java annotations,
> missing generics...)
> If you use standard WS interactions, then YES, you SHOULD be able to
> invoke services implemented using different technologies from a CXF
> client, although it is seldom trivial if your WSDL is complex. So, in theory
> you should be able to invoke a ksoap server from a CXF client. The best
> way to find out more is to just give it a shot.
>  --oh

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