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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject CXF-2275, CXF-2276, and the new sample.....
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 16:21:39 GMT


I've gone ahead and merged the changes for  CXF-2275 and CXF-2276 onto 2.2.x 
since the changes are completely additive (shouldn't break anything) and I 
don't expect 2.3 to be ready for a little while (I know I don't have time to 
finish the stuff I was working on right now).    These are great new things 
with little impact so getting them out is good, IMO.

Are those JIRA's now "resolvable" or is there more work required?   Mostly 
just curious.

I'm also interested in hearing peoples thoughts about merging the new 
wsdl_first sample to 2.2.x.   I know it will be a bit more work for me 
(Progress has some internal tests that test some of the samples to make sure 
they don't break and these changes will break those tests.  Not a big deal.), 
but I have to make those changes for trunk testing anyway so not a big deal.

The new sample really is MUCH nicer than the old one.   I think getting it out 
there is probably a good thing.    Thoughts?

Daniel Kulp

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