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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: geronimo jars
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 13:49:03 GMT
On Mon September 28 2009 1:26:11 am jim ma wrote:
> Is there any specific reason we use geronimo-*-spec-x.x.x.jar ?  Why we do
> not use sun's equivalent ?

It's really a combination of things:

1)  Originally, there was licensing issues, but most of the sun jars now have 
newer versions that are CDDL so not REALLY an issue anymore.  (although I 
still prefer Apache licensed stuff to CDDL)

2) Helping Geronimo test these - by using them, we helped Geronimo identify 
and fix some issues with them.   They helped us find and fix a lot of issues 
in CXF so it was kind of returning the favor.

3) OSGi enabled - the Geronimo jars are already OSGi enabled.   Not all of 
them are usable (jaxws and mail for example due to using the SPI method of 
finding services), but others are (like annotations and ws-metadata).    The 
sun jars are not.

Daniel Kulp

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