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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Directory layout for samples
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 21:54:01 GMT
I'd agree with that.  I'd also like (if appropriate, probably not for CORBA 
demos and such), to get packaging set to "war" and possibly be able to use 
"mvn jetty:run" instead of/in addition to the Server profile to run the 
server.   That would/should also allow better integration with the WTP tools 
in eclipse and such.

One note: PLEASE do it in small chunks with svn mv and such.  Even very small 
commits like create the dirs, commit, move the code, commit, etc....   The big 
chunks we did in the sys tests caused all kinds of merge headaches and such 
I'm still trying to sort through.   :-)

Also, have you looked into the wiki and such to see if there will be major doc 
impacts.  (I honestly don't know)


On Fri September 4 2009 7:10:03 am Christian Schneider wrote:
> Currently the samples do not have the standard maven directory layout.
> For example in the wsdl_first example:
> src - Java Sources and spring config
> wsdl - wsdl and spring config
> build - build results
> I propose to change the layout to the standard maven layout:
> src/main/java
> src/main/resources
> target
> I think for people using maven the standard layout would be easier to
> understand. For people using ant there is no common layout anyway so I
> guess they won´t care too much.
> Of course this means the common_build.xml has to be changed. To make the
> conversion easy I would propose to create
> a common_build2.xml that uses the maven dirs. Then when all samples are
> converted it can be renamed back to common_build.xml.
> What do you think?
> Greetings
> Christian

Daniel Kulp

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