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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject Re: Possible alternative source of JSON
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 09:20:36 GMT

> It looks to me as if a Jackson 'provider' would be a pretty straightforward
> construction. To be clear, there's be no CXF DataBinding in the process at
> all. Jackson maps pojos to JSON and vica versa.
> The plus side of this is that it would yield, if successful, 'natural' json,
> unencrusted with namespace glop, in both directions.
> The minus side of this would be that it doesn't help those people who want a
> JSON JAX-RS endpoint as a sort of instant side-effect of their preexisting
> stack of JAXB @nnotations or Aegis XML files or whatever.
> Personally, I think that I'd be coding something a whole lot more useful by
> adding this than by putting more lipstick on the pig of producing and
> consuming extremely ugly JSON via Aegis.
> Admittedly, 'unqualified' Aegis would be helpful, but if Jackson already
> does the job, why do all that work?

Let me ask you the other question. If users have already done Aegis, why would they want to
bring in Jackson ?
'unqualified' Aegis will do exactly what they want too, as far as dealing with explicit collections/maps
is concerned

cheers, Sergey

> Not to mention the fact that Tatu is likely to prove responsive in case of
> need.

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