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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Handling collections with Aegis in JAX-RS
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2009 12:58:35 GMT

Hi Benson

Thanks for spending your time on these tests, and fixing CXF 2401. I was
also able to add few more tests, including the one which writes/reads a
complex Map to/from JSON.

AegisJSONProvider tries its best for users to avoid setting up a namespace
map manually, but in cases when it does not guess properly the users would
be able to overwrite namespaces and their prefixes as needed. This isssue
would likely arise on the read side only, when CXF reads it. JSON is
namespace-unaware so when reading, one needs to setup a namespace map for
Jettison to report values like to the JAXB reader... (but only if
AegisJSONProvider has not guessed how to map prefixes to namespaces)

There's a couple of issues I'd like to discuss. First one is that
AegisJsonProviderTest.testReadWriteComplexMap does have to setup a namespace
for a map root element, but it does not have to do it for
testWrite/ReadCollection tests. I'm wondering, can it be avoided in cases
when Maps are being written/read ? That is, can we modify
createReader/Writer methods such that QNames for containers like
Map/Collections and its member types are available ?

Another one is that DataBindingJSONProvider test (aegis tests) still can not
handle collections. I think the problem there is that when
DataBindingProvider (the one DataBindingJSONProvider extends) is being
initialized, it uses a workaround which we discussed in the other thread.
Namely, it attempts to convert a JAXRS model info into WSDL-like one and set
calls DataBinding.initialize(Service). It's quite limiting for a number of
reasons, and one of them is that the generic types are not visible to data
So we introduced PropertiesAwareDataBinding interface and I've just updated
the JAXRS code to call it like this :

Map<Class<?>, Type> allClasses = getAllJAXRSResponseInputTypes();
Map<String, Object> props = new HashMap<String, Object>();
props.put(PropertiesAwareDataBinding.TYPES_PROPERTY, allClasses);

At the moment no CXF DataBindings implement this newly introduced interface.
I think the only way for  DataBindingJSONProvider aegis tests which handle
collections to start passing is for Aegis DataBinding to implement
PropertiesAwareDataBinding and initialize itself using the provided
Map<Class<?>, Type>, as opposed to Service. Would you be open to updating
the Aegis databinding ?

thanks, Sergey

bimargulies wrote:
> I have a rather clear memory of working on these, there wasn't enough
> passing of Generic classes around. I'll go have a look.
> On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 6:38 AM, Sergey
> Beryozkin<> wrote:
>> Hi Benson
>> if you could look at any of these tests or at least point me in the right
>> direction then it would be great.
>> I know you're busy - so just look at it whenever you get a chance, not
>> urgent...
>> cheers, Sergey
>> Sergey Beryozkin-2 wrote:
>>> Hi Benson
>>> I can't make the Aegis tests writing/reading collections working in CXF
>>> JAX-RS.
>>> I've found that AegisProviderTest#testReadWriteComplexMap is still
>>> @Ignored, it might've passed for you because it was @Ignored :-)
>>> I've also added testWriteCollections() (which writes
>>> List<AegisTestBean>)
>>> to AegisJSONProviderTest. I also updated DataBindingJSONProviderTest,
>>> one
>>> of its internal classes to return List<Book>. AegisJSONProvider extends
>>> AegisElementProvider, DataBindingJSONProvider extends
>>> DataBindingProvider
>>> which actually (in this case) delegates to Aegis DataBinding.
>>> AegisJSONProviderTest fails at the write time, it can't find the mapping
>>> for List. DataBindingJSONProviderTest fails early at the Aegis
>>> DataBinding
>>> initialization time for the same reason. I thought Lists were supported
>>> by
>>> default ? I haven't found any exam[le showing how a type mapping for
>>> Lists
>>> can be created.
>>> Can you please, whenever you have a chance, have a look at these tests ?
>>> thanks, Sergey
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