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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Search field in user's guide doesn't work
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 18:42:42 GMT
On Mon August 24 2009 9:54:20 am Glen Mazza wrote:
> Hello, the search functionality on this page is no longer working (possibly
> related to the new layout?):
> Could someone in the know fix this?

Well, it has to do with pulling the "links" to the docs off of and into   
Apparently, the built in search stuff doesn't work when copied over to the 
static site area.   :-(

I've changed the search field to do a "get" to the search url on cwiki for 
now.   I'm trying to get google searches to pick up stuff in, but google hasn't seemed to index that yet (neither has 
yahoo).  I've created a sitemap and such and submitted it, hopefully they'll 
get it indexed soon and we might be able to flip over to a google search.   
Not really sure how well that will work yet though.

Anyway, in an hour or two, the new index.html for docs should be synced over 
which, at the very least, should allow some sort of basic search.
Daniel Kulp

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