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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Web site look and feel....
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 16:52:32 GMT
On Wed August 12 2009 12:47:13 pm Daniel Kulp wrote:
> OK.  The new site is now "live" for both the main site and the docs.  If
> anyone sees any major issue, please let me know.
> Sergey (and others), next time you edit something with code blocks and xml
> blocks and such, double check the html output to make sure it's now screwed

Ooops... That should read "NOT screwed up".   :-)


> up.   I did a quick check and it seems to be OK, but I want to make sure.
> Thanks!
> Dan
> On Tue August 11 2009 9:22:20 pm Daniel Kulp wrote:
> > I'm sure a couple of you have noticed that the "upgrade" that
> > infrastructure did to confluence a few weeks ago has caused some trouble
> > with the html export, particularly with code samples.  Every time someone
> > edits a page that contains code samples, I seem to have to re-export the
> > entire space to fix it again.   Quite annoying.
> >
> > One "fix" is to properly define our own styles and templates and such.
> > This also has the advantage of making it look better.  Basically, make it
> > not look like a confluence space.   I've copied the "CXF" space over to a
> > new space (not the docs space) and have been playing with adapting the
> > ServiceMix style sheets and layouts and such to CXF.   (I like the SMX
> > blue colors.  I also played with the camel/activemq design, but I like
> > the earth tones less)  (then again, I'm VERY color blind, what the hell
> > do I know about color?)
> >
> > Anyway, would everyone take a quick look at:
> >
> >
> > And let me know what you think?   If people are OK with it, I'll get
> > everything switched to using it.    Feel free to add/edit pages in that
> > space to see how it would look, copy pages from the docs, etc....    We
> > can tweek it more later if need be, but I think we need to get something
> > in place soon to work around the export issues.
> >
> > Thanks!

Daniel Kulp

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