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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Web site look and feel....
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:57:05 GMT

I know it's only been 13 hours or so, but I've hit the confluence bug with 
code blocks again so I'm going to go ahead and move to this.  I'll save the 
old template so we can revert if we want or if people complain or something.  
Just like any code change, it's reversable.   :-)

At this point, I just want to make sure the documentation and such is 
consistently usable.


On Tue August 11 2009 9:22:20 pm Daniel Kulp wrote:
> I'm sure a couple of you have noticed that the "upgrade" that
> infrastructure did to confluence a few weeks ago has caused some trouble
> with the html export, particularly with code samples.  Every time someone
> edits a page that contains code samples, I seem to have to re-export the
> entire space to fix it again.   Quite annoying.
> One "fix" is to properly define our own styles and templates and such.  
> This also has the advantage of making it look better.  Basically, make it
> not look like a confluence space.   I've copied the "CXF" space over to a
> new space (not the docs space) and have been playing with adapting the
> ServiceMix style sheets and layouts and such to CXF.   (I like the SMX blue
> colors.  I also played with the camel/activemq design, but I like the earth
> tones less)  (then again, I'm VERY color blind, what the hell do I know
> about color?)
> Anyway, would everyone take a quick look at:
> And let me know what you think?   If people are OK with it, I'll get
> everything switched to using it.    Feel free to add/edit pages in that
> space to see how it would look, copy pages from the docs, etc....    We can
> tweek it more later if need be, but I think we need to get something in
> place soon to work around the export issues.
> Thanks!

Daniel Kulp

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