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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: RSFB events and annotations....
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 18:59:33 GMT

OK.   I have the WSDLDocumentation stuff working.
and documentation stuff can be added to a BUNCH of places now.   Definitely a 
really cool addition for the java-first use cases.

Alessio, since you had a very good idea on how the documentation stuff should 
look, do you have a good idea for the policy stuff?    :-)


On Fri August 7 2009 12:48:53 pm Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Last night, I committed a bunch of changes that added an event listener to
> the FactoryBeans and added a bunch of "events" out of the beans to the
> listener. There are a couple of purposes for this:
> 1) I'm hoping to simplify some of the stuff in RSFB.   I'm planning on
> allowing the databinding to be a listener so much of the JAXB stuff in
> there can be pulled  completely out into the jaxb databinding.   Likewise,
> some of the stuff that JAX-WS does could be simplified.
> 2)  Custom annotations on the SEI - this is the major one.   Previously,
> adding a new annotation (like the @Features stuff), required updating the
> RSFB which is a non-trivial thing to do.   I wanted something MUCH simpler.
> Toward #2, I've added two new annotations:
> @SchemaValidation - this has the same affect of setting the
> schema-validation- enabled flag on the endpoint via config, just simpler.
> @WSDLDocumentation - this is a START of being able to add some
> documentation nodes to the generated wsdl.  It's not really working well
> yet, but it at least is a starting point.  Most likely, I'll need to break
> this into a couple annotations since there are  a LOT of places in a wsdl
> that documentation can be added.   If people have thoughts on how this
> should look, please let me know.  (this requires a lot of updates to
> ServiceWSDLBuilder as well to copy docs from the service model into the
> generated wsdl.)
> I plan on adding a couple more:
> @Logging - various settings for controlling logging.
> @Policy/SecurityThings - couple security related annotations to wire
> security policy things in.
> I'll probably also rewire the custom annotations we already have
> (@Features) into the new stuff as well mostly to simplify the code a bit.
> What other things would people be interested in accomplishing via
> annotations?
> I've wired events into the various WS related factories, but haven't
> touched the JAX-RS factories yet.   That could also be looked at.

Daniel Kulp

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