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From Oisin Hurley <>
Subject Re: Eclipse
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 14:51:37 GMT
> In my experience, trying to use 'incubator' materials out of Eclipse
> is a recipe for incipient self-defenestration.

'Incubation' at Eclipse means that the project
hasn't reached a 1.0 yet in terms of APIs
and has not been through an official release

Just like at Apache, the term incubation is not
an indicator of project quality and your mileage
may vary.

The JAXWS project is pretty good quality-wise
in my opinion. If you have issues with using it,
there is a Bugzilla tracker, and a news group
and mailing list for help. Please ask questions
and submit bugs if you find them.

> So if that's the best
> there is, we're stuck. I do wonder about whether the JBoss gang has
> something useful.

It looks like you're making a judgement without
some back-up here. From where I type, you have
evidence from someone who is having an issue
but hasn't asked for help. Have you discovered
issues yourself? If so, please report a bug in
the tracker, or even a patch if you can. Patches
are always welcome.

When you find out about what JBoss offers, it
would be awesome if you could summarize for
the list.


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