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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject RE: JAX-RS Request Matching Wierdness
Date Sat, 11 Jul 2009 20:27:40 GMT
Hi Gary

So what is the concrete problem you're facing ?

FYI, it is the map that sorts resource classes according a number of
criteria. Another thing is that the JAX-RS selection algorithm does not
have be implemented literally the way it's documented in the spec,
rather the final result should be correct.

So let me know please what exactly is happening in your case

Thanks, Sergey     

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From: Tong, Gary [] 
Sent: 11 July 2009 16:57
Subject: JAX-RS Request Matching Wierdness


Hey guys, just fyi, CXF's jax-rs doesn't do request matching correctly.
According to JSR 311 in section 3.7.2, the jax-rs server is supposed to
apply a series of steps to determine which URL to use for the request.
Instead, CXF applies a path filter at the class level, and then returns
the first entry it finds.  Specifically the code that does this is in

        if (!candidateList.isEmpty()) {
            Map.Entry<ClassResourceInfo, MultivaluedMap<String, String>>
firstEntry =
            return firstEntry.getKey();

Not sure if you guys know about this.


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