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From Krzysztof Wilkos <>
Subject Re: SOAP/TCP project status...
Date Sat, 04 Jul 2009 20:31:32 GMT
2009/7/3 Krzysztof Wilkos <>:
> 2009/6/30 Daniel Kulp <>:
>> Hi there!
>> I wanted to follow up with you about the status of your GSoC project.
>> Midterm evaluations start next week and I really would like to see some
>> progress toward getting some code into place.
>> I think it would be good to get a patch or similar attached to a JIRA that we
>> can look at and maybe even apply to trunk (in a non-building directory/module
>> even) that could be used as a base for future patches.
>> Basically, I'd like to have some "proof" of progress for the midterms.
>> Also, if there is ANYTHING I can do to help out, please ask.   I'm here to
>> help.
>> --
>> Daniel Kulp
> Finally I've got working client. Sun's pdf it's not enought so I ended
> with sniffing .Net communication. Tomorrow I'll clean up some code and
> submit patch.
> --
> Krzysztof Wilkos

I'm submiting a patch that adds soap over tcp client support. It still
needs more error handling end more tests but seems to work. I've
tested this with .Net service which is in package. There
is also .Net client which I used as a reference as Sun's pdf was not
enough. Wireshark can't sniff over looback interface on Windows so I
used CommView trial, than save log as .cap and decode in wireshark.
Krzysztof Wilkos

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