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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject RE: Whiteboard pattern for JAX-RS services
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 15:01:48 GMT
Hi Josh

It seems that in DOSGi RI this is actually what is being done. When a
service is being registered a DSW provider picks up this event and
creates an endpoint. So it should work in the case of JAX-RS & JAX-WS
with the help of properties you introduced in your patch.

David told me that if a property osgi.remote.interfaces is set to '*'
then it should let DSW to handle unbounded number of interfaces.

I like the idea of message providers being picked up from the
whiteboard, it is certainly bound to work better in OSGI than say
scanning the classpath. 
I'll consider enhancing the DOSGi DSW accordingly.

Enhancing the CXF bundle on its own (possibly indirectly by introducing
another helper bundle as you suggested) is an interesting idea but the
question is what to do next - that is how to configure such services for

What do you think ? Do you have some scenarios in mind that may not be
easy to do with DOSGi ? 

Thanks, Sergey   

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From: [] On Behalf Of
Josh Holtzman
Sent: 12 June 2009 15:00
Subject: Whiteboard pattern for JAX-RS services

I've got some code that allows OSGI bundles to use the whiteboard
pattern to
register restful services.  When a service is registered with a specific
property, say, "jaxrs.resource=true" the JAX-RS implementation registers
that service as a JAX-RS resource.  The same could be done with message
readers and writers, too.  In my implementation, the JAX-RS servlet is
registered under the "/rest/*" URL, and all of the JAX-RS resources fall
below that, so /rest/foo can be provided by one bundle and /rest/bar
be provided by another.

Is this something the CXF folks would be interested in adding?  If so,
it belong in the cxf-minimal bundle, or as its own add-on bundle?  If
are familiar with pax-web and pax-web-extender-whiteboard, they'll
that this kind of thing can be broken out into its own bundle.  In the
pax-web case, though, they decided to merge the whiteboard functionality
into their main bundle.

Full disclosure: I've been using another JAX-RS impl to do this, but
the CXF impl passing the 1.0 TCK, I figured that it's time to
re-evaluate :)


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