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From Richard Opalka <>
Subject Re: Questions about CXF WS-RM
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 06:35:02 GMT
Hi Eoghan,

   see in lined comments below:


Eoghan Glynn wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Apologies for the delay in replying. 
> Please see my comments in-line.
> 2009/6/15 Richard Opalka <>:
>>  what's the current state of CXF WS-RM?
> See below.
>> I'm asking because we'd like to integrate probably
>> WS-RM in our JBossWS CXF integration.
> Great that you're thinking of using CXF WS-RM.
>> The main questions are:
>> * Which WS-RM specs are supported now (I know about 1.0, is 1.1 supported
>> already)?
> Only WS-RM 1.0 (2005/02) is supported as yet. This was the current
> version of the spec when the original RM implementation was done as
> part of the Celtix project (the precursor to CXF).
> We've had some interest in WS-RM 1.1 and I intend to do a costing on
> the implementation effort soon, and hopefully will get the time to
> implement support for it in the CXF 2.3 timeframe.
IMHO WS-RM 1.1 is the right way to do WS-RM, because this spec.
addresses unacknowledged anonymous messages use case (see WS-MakeConnection)
This usecase wasn't addressed in WS-RM 1.0 and so I consider
this old RM spec. broken.
>> * Is QoS (Quality of Service) ensured in CXF WS-RM implementation?
> Well yes, in so far as the qualities of service envisaged by the WS-RM
> spec as concerned. So for example the policy with regard to ordering
> and duplicates may be asserted via the
> /ws-rm-policy:RMAssertion/ws-rm:deliveryAssurance element in config
> (see schema[1]).
> However other QoS typically available in the MOM world, such as
> message expiration/TTL and priority, are not part of WS-RM.
I'm asking about 2.4 Delivery Assurances (see WS-RX 1.1 specification)
Thus I consider you respond "yes" from this point of view ;)
>> * Is current CXF WS-RM implementation tightly coupled with Endpoint?
> Well, CXF WS-RM can be configured on a per-endpoint basis, or for the
> entire Bus.
I don't see the relevant source code for CXF bus integration?
Could you give me the pointer to impl or test?
> However, internally the WS-RM layer creates an RMEndpoint for each
> org.apache.cxf.endpoint.Endpoint with which a reliable exchange
> occurs.
> So that sense there is a certain one-to-one-ness going on. Is that
> what you meant by being tightly coupled?
> Or were you more thinking of using WS-RM to mediate message exchanges
> with something other than CXF endpoints?
And how is the integration with other WS-* technologies?
I mean do CXF WS-RM support e.g. WS-RM with WS-Security?

>> * Is there some API for client side when receiving undelivered messages?
> By undelivered messages, do you mean un-acknowledged messages that
> have been resent?
> If the original client is still running, then the retransmitted
> response message will be delivered to the application in the normal
> way (either by virtue of the invoking client thread being blocked, or
> via a callback or pollable for an asynchronous invocation).
If I have two RM responses comming from the server (I mean RM responses 
with real SOAP response).
How this is handled? User should take care of that there can be more 
than just one async SOAP response?
What if client will use synchronous JAX-WS api?
> However, if the client application has been restarted since the
> original request was sent, then there is no way currently for the
> resent message to rendez-vous with the application logic. This
> deficiency was clear to us when the original RM implementation was
> done, and we had at the back of our mind the intention to do something
> about it, via some sort of persistent callback mechanism. Any ideas
> you might have in this regard would be welcome.
Well this should be addressed in JAX-WS spec otherwise this would leave 
to proprietary client side API
for manipulating the client RM store. Let's see what will come out with 
next metro release. AFAIK
the Sun folks are working on RM 1.1 at the moment there.
>> Where I could find it?
>> * Is there some detailed architecture documentation about CXF WS-RM?
> No, unfortunately.
Hmm :(
> Hope this helps,
> Eoghan
> [1]

Richard Opalka
JBoss Software Engineer

Mobile: +420 731 186 942

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