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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: GSoC projects for CXF
Date Sun, 07 Jun 2009 14:09:14 GMT
Hi Dan,

LiuCong created a wiki page[1] of his project working status on apache
wiki , he doesn't have the write right of, neither
to me (njiang) :(.  Could you grand the karma for us? So we can move the
page into CXF.

I just talked to LiuCong today on IRC , he will creates some JIRAs
according his development plan shortly.



Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Now that the "implementation/code" phase for the GSoC stuff has begun, it 
> would definitely be good to start getting some additional communications 
> flowing to see how progress is coming, resolve any roadblocks, answer 
> questions, etc....
> Thus, here are some ideas I thought of...
> 1)  File some JIRA tasks on our JIRA:  
> It would be good to get a "base" jira created for your project and then start 
> adding sub tasks to it.    As things are implemented, the sub-projects can be 
> resolved so we can see progress and such.   Also provides a good "checklist" 
> of what remains and such.  (also, patches can be attached to the jiras so we 
> can apply them)
> 2) I'd also like to start seeing regular "status" updates to the dev list just 
> to keep tabs.   Remember, part of your final evaluation with Google involves 
> how involved you got with the community.   Thus, speaking up on the dev list 
> is a very good thing.
> 3) One "interesting" thought:  I'd encourage you to get a account 
> and "fork" the CXF project (  and start pushing 
> changes as you work in there.   Thus, we can really see what you are doing, 
> how it all works together, etc....   Additionally, if the "patch" starts 
> getting complex, git does a MUCH better job of dealing with complex patches 
> than subversion.
> Anyway, at this point, it's kind of important to get some information flowing.  

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