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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: HTTP transport -- no exception on server side when client has reset TCP connection
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 19:49:47 GMT

Interesting.   Not sure what to say.   We would just be writing to the 
OutputStream obtained from response.getOutputStream().   If it's not throwing 
an IOException, I'm not sure what we could do.

Any chance you could try with Jetty?  Maybe Jetty does something different.   
Don't really know.  :-(


On Wed June 24 2009 6:29:38 am Andrew Clegg wrote:
> I'm posting this here rather than on the users list as it's a bit
> technical, and I suspect it might indicate a bug in either CXF or at a
> lower level.
> However, I'm really not sure how to simulate it in a way that would make a
> convenient JIRA entry. I'm happy to bundle up some example code, if someone
> could suggest a way to make the conditions realistic.
> The scenario is as follows:
> One of our collaborators at a remote site, using Metro, wrote a client for
> a JAXB-JAXWS service here that runs long jobs, but synchronously. (Not my
> design decision...)
> We were getting some weird behaviour on larger requests, where my web
> method was returning a value, but his client was just hanging indefinitely,
> waiting for the data.
> Eventually we tracked it down using Wireshark to a TCP RST packet coming
> from his end after 30mins -- or more specifically, from the proxy server
> all his outbound requests were going through. This was causing the TCP
> connection from the proxy to here to be torn down, but apparently the proxy
> wasn't closing the connection on the other side, so Metro thought it was
> still open and kept waiting.
> However!
> What worries me is that when my CXF method returned the JAXB object, no
> exception seems to have been raised, even though the TCP connection between
> me and the proxy was closed long before. (I verified this with netstat.)
> I couldn't see anything in the CXF or Tomcat logs that suggested anything
> unusual had happened.
> Is this normal behaviour?
> Cheers,
> Andrew.

Daniel Kulp

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