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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Delay activing web services
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 18:57:21 GMT

I have no problem making things protected.   Log a jira and submit a patch.


On Sun June 21 2009 9:56:46 pm Sky-Tiger wrote:
> Hi all,
>      I have a requirement that delaying registration ws until HTTP server
> received  the first request.
>      Firstly, i dont want make jetty as we container, it should be embedded
> into CXF as default.
>      Second ,i need a jetty handler to intercept the request. But CXF
> always create jetty server instance after you really call the
> Endpoint.publish method.
>      So i need to create the JettyHTTPServerEngine instance myself and put
> it into the portMap which was in JettyHTTPServerEngineFactory. Each
> JettyHTTPServerEngine contains a jetty server instance which i need to add
> my handler on it.
>      But when i subclass the JettyHTTPServerEngine, i found some issues
> that JettyHTTPServerEngine makes all numbers as private and not all of them
> have get/set method.  JettyHTTPServerEngineFactory also.
>     Why we need to make all things private? protected is not ok? If you
> dont want to someone subclass your class, you can make it as final. But
> private should be more considered, maybe protected is enough.
>     I want to know the soluton is ok or not. I tried ,it works well.
>     Can we change the private to protected?
> Regards
> Hubert.

Daniel Kulp

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