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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: GSoC projects for CXF
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 00:56:45 GMT
On Wed June 17 2009 7:20:09 pm Krzysztof Wilkos wrote:
> I've got some busy days at university (exams etc.) but I'm close to
> get session initialization working. I should finish this before the
> end of this week. To initiate a session I have to call service method
> so there is short way from session initialization to complete conduit
> for soap over tcp protocol.

Thanks for the update.   Definitely don't let work on this affect your 
studying for exams.   Keeping grades up is higher priority.

> BTW To send a message I have to know its length which I have to send
> in frame header. I'm planning to make buffer and ByteArrayOutputStream
> which I put into Message object and than in close method I'll send
> buffer content into real stream. With this solution I will not have to
> change existing cxf code which assumes that after prepare method call
> there is outputstream in Message object. For small messages this
> should be ok but with bigger one ByteArrayOutputStream can reallocate
> buffer few times. Can I do that this way?

Doesn't the SOAP/TCP protocol allow the message to be split across several 
frames?   Basically, send a "chunk" of the message at a time?   If so, your 
output stream would just need a fixed size buffer of some sort (like 4K or 
something).   When the buffer fills, write out a frame and reset the buffer 
back to 0.   That way, it would avoid having the whole message in a block.

The other option is to use our CachedOutputStream.   It uses a 
ByteArrayOutputStream for a while (64K by default), but then will change to 
using a temporary file for storage to avoid having huge blocks in memory.

Daniel Kulp

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