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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: End 2.0.x support/releases?
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 17:05:48 GMT

I think we've reached a lazy consensus on this.   I'll send a note to the user 
list as a warning that 2.0.12 will be the last so people are aware.


On Fri June 5 2009 11:37:41 am Daniel Kulp wrote:
> This may be a "thorny" issue, but I'd like to bring it up and start a
> discussion.
> July 4th will mark the 2 year anniversary of the CXF 2.0 release.   Since
> then, we have released 11 patches to that branch, along with 2.1 (and 5
> patches for it) and 2.2 (and 2 patches for it).    That's 21 releases in
> under 2 years.   Pretty impressive.
> However, with the trunk moving on, porting fixes and such back to 2.0.x is
> becoming increasingly hard as much code has changed.    Additionally, if we
> create a fixes branch for 2.2.x and move trunk to 2.3, that will make 4
> branches we will be maintaining, which is quite a lot.   Doing simultaneous
> releases like we did with 2.0.11/2.1.5/2.2.1 would mean even more work.
> Thus, my proposal would be to release a 2.0.12 in July and mark it as the
> "final" 2.0.x release (baring any serious security issues) and encourage
> people to upgrade to 2.2.x.
> Two years of support with 12 patch releases is pretty good for an open
> source project.   If people need support beyond that, they could easily
> grab the code and fix anything they need or there are other commercial
> options (such as FUSE from Progress).
> Anyway, what are peoples thoughts?

Daniel Kulp

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