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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject End 2.0.x support/releases?
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 15:37:41 GMT

This may be a "thorny" issue, but I'd like to bring it up and start a 

July 4th will mark the 2 year anniversary of the CXF 2.0 release.   Since 
then, we have released 11 patches to that branch, along with 2.1 (and 5 
patches for it) and 2.2 (and 2 patches for it).    That's 21 releases in under 
2 years.   Pretty impressive.  

However, with the trunk moving on, porting fixes and such back to 2.0.x is 
becoming increasingly hard as much code has changed.    Additionally, if we 
create a fixes branch for 2.2.x and move trunk to 2.3, that will make 4 
branches we will be maintaining, which is quite a lot.   Doing simultaneous 
releases like we did with 2.0.11/2.1.5/2.2.1 would mean even more work.

Thus, my proposal would be to release a 2.0.12 in July and mark it as the 
"final" 2.0.x release (baring any serious security issues) and encourage 
people to upgrade to 2.2.x.   

Two years of support with 12 patch releases is pretty good for an open source 
project.   If people need support beyond that, they could easily grab the code 
and fix anything they need or there are other commercial options (such as FUSE 
from Progress).  

Anyway, what are peoples thoughts?

Daniel Kulp

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