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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject GSoC projects for CXF
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 19:37:12 GMT

Now that the "implementation/code" phase for the GSoC stuff has begun, it 
would definitely be good to start getting some additional communications 
flowing to see how progress is coming, resolve any roadblocks, answer 
questions, etc....

Thus, here are some ideas I thought of...
1)  File some JIRA tasks on our JIRA:
It would be good to get a "base" jira created for your project and then start 
adding sub tasks to it.    As things are implemented, the sub-projects can be 
resolved so we can see progress and such.   Also provides a good "checklist" 
of what remains and such.  (also, patches can be attached to the jiras so we 
can apply them)

2) I'd also like to start seeing regular "status" updates to the dev list just 
to keep tabs.   Remember, part of your final evaluation with Google involves 
how involved you got with the community.   Thus, speaking up on the dev list 
is a very good thing.

3) One "interesting" thought:  I'd encourage you to get a account 
and "fork" the CXF project (  and start pushing 
changes as you work in there.   Thus, we can really see what you are doing, 
how it all works together, etc....   Additionally, if the "patch" starts 
getting complex, git does a MUCH better job of dealing with complex patches 
than subversion.

Anyway, at this point, it's kind of important to get some information flowing.  

Daniel Kulp

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