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Subject Re: Working towards a DOSGi 1.0 release
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:42:21 GMT
Hi all,

I've been doing some work regarding CXF-1966, removing the Equinox
jars and moving the system tests to use Felix 1.4.1. It now works with
Spring 1.2.0-rc2-SNAPSHOT.

As Eoghan says, there is still the missing functionality around the
versions in the ServicePublication. The impact here is that if you
have a service that exposes interface A version 1 and a consumer has
interface A version 2, while these 2 are binary incompatible, the
system is not capable of telling that there is a mismatch. The current
code base simply assumes that they are compatible...

While this is a gap that needs to be fixed, it might still be worth
doing some sort of a release, as what's there today is quite useful in
itself. Maybe we shouldn't call it 1.0, but something like 0.9
Having a release out there means that folks can start using this
without having to depend on SNAPSHOT jars.

My understanding is that Spring 1.2.0 will be out some day this week.
I think it would be good do to a release of some sort at that stage...

Thoughts anyone?


2009/3/26 Sergey Beryozkin <>:
> Hi David
> I agree. CXF 2.2.1 should not be far away - perhaps in 4 weeks or 5 weeks
> but with the TCK work 'looming' I'd probably not want to ask you to postpone
> a release and find myself telling you later on ' I won't make it :-)'. DOSGI
> users do need a release so I agree with what you suggested
> thanks, Sergey
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> Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 8:26 PM
> Subject: Re: Working towards a DOSGi 1.0 release
>> Great to hear about the JAXRS component for DOSGi, Sergey!
>> What is the expected release timeframe of CXF 2.2.1?
>> If its a bit further out, why not do a DOSGi 1.0 release based on CXF
>> 2.2 and then do another 1.1 release with the JAXRS stuff as soon as
>> 2.2.1 is out?
>> Cheers,
>> David
>> 2009/3/26 Sergey Beryozkin <>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm quite keen to emded a JAXRS component into DOSGI as I reckon we now
>>> have
>>> all the pieces in place (proxy based client api support, and Benson's
>>> Aegis
>>> provider) so it should, fingers crossed, be a fairly straighforward
>>> exercise
>>> - but then you never know what could actually happen at the development
>>> time
>>> :-) The only missing thing is that cxf-minimal bundle would need to be
>>> upgraded to keep a jaxrs component (+ 250K - which may not be too bad) -
>>> but
>>> it will be released in 2.2.1 only so DOSGI release would need to be
>>> postponed until then - so perhaps such an enhancement can be done later
>>> on....
>>> Cheers, Sergey
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Since CXF 2.2 is out now I was thinking about what work needs to be
>>>> done for a DOSGi 1.0 release.
>>>> I've just updated the poms to depend on CXF 2.2, but there's still a
>>>> few things to do...
>>>> * there is CXF-1966. It would be good to get a solution to this. I
>>>> heard that Spring-DM 1.2.0 is going to be released within 2 weeks and
>>>> that version should work with Felix 1.4.1, so I'm considering removing
>>>> the checked in Equinox jar and moving to 1.2.0-RC1 using Felix for the
>>>> moment until we can depend on Spring-DM 1.2.0. Are folks generally ok
>>>> with that? Once Equinox 3.5 is released, maybe we can add it back in
>>>> to system test runs as a second platform, by obtaining it from maven
>>>> or wget or something once its available in a fixed place...
>>>> * We need to make sure that all the API's we are using are exactly
>>>> correct with the lasted RFC 119 version, e.g. I think we need to add
>>>> something to the ServicePublication interface...
>>>> Anything else we need to think of?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> David

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