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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: I'm working on SOAP/JMS, a question about current implementation
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 14:32:38 GMT

First, You can find the short instruction of JMS API here[1].

There are some difference between the CXF message and JMS message.

CXF message has a Map which contains the context information with the
pairs of key (String) and value (Object).You can use the Map's put, get
method to access these context information.

JMS message has the headers, which holds the JMS protocol related
information such as the DeliveryMode , JMSPriority etc. JMS message
provides bunch of set methods to handle these headers' setting.
JMS message also provides properties, you can set the application
related information into the JMS properties. Note only primitive type
and String is allowed as properties value.

BTW, Liu's proposal of CXF SOAP/JMS is accepted by GSoC 2009, and I'm
his mentor. So I'm happy to introduce him to the CXF community.



liucong wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> I want to know whether the current implementation fills the JMS message
> properties other than JMS headers. In new implementation, we should add
> this properties.
> Best regards.
> Liu
> Christian Schneider 写道:
>> Hi 刘聪,
>> sorry that you got no response till now. I did not really understand
>> your question. The current implementation already fills some JMS
>> headers and properties. Of course they do not always match the
>> specification you try to implement. What exactly was your question? Do
>> you want to know where to add the new jms properties?
>> Greetings
>> Christian
>>> Hi, all
>>>  SOAP/JMS specification specifies the JMS header properties and message
>>> properties, but the current implementation in CXF only has some
>>> information
>>> about JMS header perperties. The more information should been added
>>> to JMS
>>> messages.
>>>  Am I missing something about JMS message properties for the current
>>> implementation about SOAP/JMS?
>>> Best regards

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