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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: wsdl2java<-->XJC "Options" being passed to SchemaCompiler does not seem to have effect
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:42:45 GMT
On Tue March 24 2009 11:33:04 am Rao, Sameer V wrote:
> I was looking at the JAXBDataBinding class
> (cxf-tools-wsdlto-databinding-jaxb) and was not sure of the following-
> 1. We are building Options used by SchemaCompiler and calling its
> parseArgument(). However, values passed through that argument list don't
> seem to take any effect? Example the following-
> 				<wsdlOptions>
> 				    <wsdlOption>
> <wsdl>${basedir}/src/main/resources/MyService.wsdl</wsdl>
> 					<extraargs>
> 					    <extraarg>-xjc -verbose, -p
> org.myapps.entities</extraarg>
> 					</extraargs>
> 				    </wsdlOption>
> 				</wsdlOptions>
> Looking at the code in JAXBDataBinding, the call to
> opts.parseArguments(args) should pass the above values to XJC and they
> should have the intended effect. But I don't see it having.

I THINK it should be:


Basically, with what you have, I think the -verbose and -p flags and stuff are 
being passed into our stuff, not just xjc.

> 2. In JAXBDataBinding we pass the schemas to XJC by the call-
> addSchemas(opts, schemaCompiler, schemaLists); i.e. pass the schema
> list. Would we gain any benefit by passing the WSDL itself? I read the
> XJC accepts a WSDL with a -WSDL option?

This is something Benson has been looking into a bit.   There are pluses and 
minuses to both ways.

Basically, by the time we get here, we have already resolved the WSDL and all 
it's imports and such so that we could start building up the JAX-WS parts of 
the model.    Thus, the wsdl and schemas have already been downloaded and 
parsed.   If we pass the wsdl (either as a URL or a stream or even a DOM), 
JAXB will call back out to resolvers to re-resolve everything.   Thus, we'll 
need to write resolvers and such to call back through our stuff to get things.   
JAXB also then expects those to be streams which it would re-XML parse.   
Basically, it would take longer as everything gets downloaded and parsed 
twice.   Once for JAX-WS processing, once for JAXB.

HOWEVER, passing the steams and stuff in WOULD allow line numbers in the JAXB 
errors.   That's a good thing.   Also, we wouldn't need to hold onto the DOMs 
so once JAXB processing is done, they could be discarded.   

So, pluses and minuses.  What we have works "OK".   We're just trying 
investigate to see if anything else could be done to make it better.

Daniel Kulp

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