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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Status of 2.2......
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 21:25:30 GMT

Quick update....

On Thu March 12 2009 2:36:46 pm Daniel Kulp wrote:
> 1) Get WSS4J 1.5.6 released.   This is looking pretty good to be done
> tomorrow.

This is done.   Waiting for it to sync to central.   (likewise for XmlSchema 

> 2) Get the Security samples moved from sandbox into the samples.   I'm
> waiting for some more fixes from Eamonn first as I don't want to mess up
> his patches.

This is still in process.   Everything is moved.  I just need to update the 
readme and double check they all still work as advertised.

> 3) Quick bug triage - I'm planning to look through the recently added stuff
> and see if anything is "quickly" fixable.  (stuff with patches are good
> candidates)  Then get versions updated, etc...

"good enough".   Obviously, there are still a lot of open issues, but if they 
don't supply patches....................  ;-)

I may have a chance tomorrow to look at some more fixes, but I might not.   If 
anyone else has stuff to get in, get it in asap.

> 4) Update release notes, check legal muck, etc...


> 5) Run JAX-WS TCK and hope all is well.  :-)


So, basically, we're looking good to do the builds at some point this weekend.   
I'm hoping for tomorrow night, but that may depend on how well my kids behave.   


> Could everyone also look at the 2.2 migration guide:
> and add any updates that you know about, if any?
> Anyone have anything else to add?   Any major "blockers" that would hold
> this up any longer?  (I'm hoping not)
> Keep in mind, I'm then hoping to do a 2.2.1 fairly quickly (4 weeks maybe?)
> to correct any issues people find.  Thus, if a fix isn't "blocker", it can
> be done in the next couple weeks.

Daniel Kulp

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