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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Status of 2.2......
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 18:36:46 GMT

Just wanted to give an update on my status for getting 2.2 out.   I'm still 
hoping to do the 2.2 builds this weekend at some point so we're getting really 
close.   What's left on my "todo" list includes:

1) Get WSS4J 1.5.6 released.   This is looking pretty good to be done 

2) Get the Security samples moved from sandbox into the samples.   I'm waiting 
for some more fixes from Eamonn first as I don't want to mess up his patches.   

3) Quick bug triage - I'm planning to look through the recently added stuff 
and see if anything is "quickly" fixable.  (stuff with patches are good 
candidates)  Then get versions updated, etc... 

4) Update release notes, check legal muck, etc...

Could everyone also look at the 2.2 migration guide:
and add any updates that you know about, if any?

Anyone have anything else to add?   Any major "blockers" that would hold this 
up any longer?  (I'm hoping not)

Keep in mind, I'm then hoping to do a 2.2.1 fairly quickly (4 weeks maybe?) to 
correct any issues people find.  Thus, if a fix isn't "blocker", it can be 
done in the next couple weeks.   

Daniel Kulp

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