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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Nexus, Hudson, and CXF snapshots deploys....
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 15:14:47 GMT

I don't hear any objection so I'm going to enable this.    Nightly snapshots 
it is.  :-)


On Fri March 6 2009 11:13:43 am Daniel Kulp wrote:
> They've recently setup the hudson instances to allow them to deploy
> snapshots to the Nexus instance using a special "snapshot" account.   Thus,
> we could now have automated builds that do deploys of snapshots.   We
> couldn't really do that previously without giving out some authentication
> stuff so this is kind of a big deal.
> So, are we interested?   The only "downside" is the snapshot URL's that
> people may be using would need to change to:
> which would affect some people.
> However, they would get updates on a daily basis, which is probably also a
> good thing.
> I guess I'd like to hear from the users that might be using the snapshots.
> How annoying would it be to update your URL's?   (Note: that URL also
> proxies the original snapshot repo so you would UPDATE your pom/repository
> manager, not add a new repo)   Would having more consistent snapshots help
> you?

Daniel Kulp

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