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From "Heemskerk, Marcel \(M.\)" <>
Subject An MTOM attachement works for request, but doens't work for response (sorry for previous)
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 17:15:38 GMT
I defined a WSDL with a request with an attachement <xsd:element
name="UploadedZippedCsvFile" type="xsd:base64Binary"
xmime:expectedContentTypes="application/zip"/>  with namespace

CXF/JAXB generates this into a DataHandler for this element. The JAXWS
properties have "mtom-enabled" to "true". 
With for example SOAPUI i send a request with attachement
<UploadedZippedCsvFile>cid:1205859071240</UploadedZippedCsvFile> with
the mime attachement below the XML, this works fine.

However... When using the same element in the response, CXF wraps the
cid:xxxx string into a <xop> element. The response XML doesn't even

How do i correct this?

Marcel Heemskerk

=== ( sorry for previous unfinished message ) ===

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