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From amichalec <>
Subject Re: TOC wiki URLs fail when accessed from main CXF site
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 11:13:38 GMT

Hi Sergey,
In opposite to approach you've mentioned, when working with confluence I
heavily rely on {toc} and other automation macros: once you have your titles
as headers (h1, h2...) its for free to get them dynamically computed and
listed using this simple magic spell -- manual TOC creation gets stalled too
fast. Same you can do using {children} macro for listing sub-pages.
I am not sure how wiki engine is integrated with main page but it seems that
URLs encoding is not done consistently that's why anchors are broken.
Personally I would prefer to make this working instead invest much more into
wiki pages rework :)


Sergey Beryozkin-2 wrote:
> Hi Andy
> I've never used a {toc} macro so I can't comment. But it looks like, if we
> look at say
> that a pattern which has been followed so far is to introduce an entry
> page which repersents the content and then
> each link links to a seperate page....So I was thinking of doing something
> like that with the main page having similar links like :
> Overview
> Configuration
> Building with Maven
> etc
> By the way, thanks for updating the docs with the info about
> UriBuilder/UriInfo. Moreover, the UriBuilder implementation which you 
> did is of great help for me at the moment, with the client api prototyping
> work, it was done just in time :-)
> Cheers, Sergey
>> Recently I've added some content to JAX-RS section. Since its missing
>> table
>> of content I added it using {toc} macro. I've checked this on wiki edit
>> page
>> and everything was fine, however access from main site failed. Example
>> (reverted from wiki anyway):
>> working url:
>> (JSR-311)-Introduction
>> becomes not working fragment/anchor:
>> Is that known issue, so we have to avoid TOCs?
>> cheers,
>> andy.
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