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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Failures of unit tests on 2.2 snapshot
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 09:05:23 GMT
Hi Dan,

I have got another idea. We should try to install a build indicator on 
the CXF web site. It  would be immensly helpfull if a developer could 
see if the build
currently runs without failures on the integration test system. 
Additionally we could have statistics showing how many unit tests fail 
per module and in sum.
Perhaps these statistics and the overview information could be posted 
during the build.

Of course it would also be great to provide read access to the 
cruisecontrol system for all committers.



Daniel Kulp schrieb:
> On Sunday 18 January 2009 5:51:19 pm Christian Schneider wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> it seems the test failures occur on Windows only. Would it be possible
>> to setup an automatic integration build on a windows plattform.
>> I think a lot of people use cxf on windows and I guess we could miss
>> some problems if we do not test on windows. Besides
>> it is quite problematic for me to commit as I always see failures and do
>> not know if they are because of the windows build or the changes I did.
> I can try.   One holdup has been the "integration" of the IONA infrastructure 
> with the Progress infrastructure.     Until that's completed, it's hard to 
> figure out how to get anything done.  :-(
> They ARE talking about moving the current Linux box (4 year old box) into a VM 
> on a more modern box.   I don't know yet what exactly that will entail but if 
> it's a vmware thing, then we might be able to get a windows vm on there as 
> well.   
> That said,  we do run the "fuse" versions on windows every night  (and HP and 
> Solaris and AIX and OSX).   I probably should pay more attention to those 
> builds.  There wouldn't be notifications from those builds to apache folks 
> though.
> Dan
>> Greetings
>> Christian
>> Daniel Kulp schrieb:
>>> I ran a full build before my last commit to trunk and everything passed.
>>> Plus, the cruisecontrol builds have been passing.
>>> One thing to check: do you have anything running on any ports in the
>>> 9000-9100 range?
>>> Dan


Christian Schneider

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