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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Failures of unit tests on 2.2 snapshot
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2009 23:45:34 GMT
Hi Dan,

a integration test system running on Windows would sure help a lot. In 
the mean time I am trying to figure out why I get those
unit test failures and solve them. I have started with an easy example 
that I documented in
Could you look into this and check if the failure happens on the current 
continuous integration system too?

I would like to have a working build soon to get some confidence before 
doing commits. Currently I can only do some isolated tests and hope
that the build on the integration system tells me that I did well and 
correct eventual errors later.



Daniel Kulp schrieb:
> I can try.   One holdup has been the "integration" of the IONA infrastructure 
> with the Progress infrastructure.     Until that's completed, it's hard to 
> figure out how to get anything done.  :-(
> They ARE talking about moving the current Linux box (4 year old box) into a VM 
> on a more modern box.   I don't know yet what exactly that will entail but if 
> it's a vmware thing, then we might be able to get a windows vm on there as 
> well.   
> That said,  we do run the "fuse" versions on windows every night  (and HP and 
> Solaris and AIX and OSX).   I probably should pay more attention to those 
> builds.  There wouldn't be notifications from those builds to apache folks 
> though.
> Dan


Christian Schneider

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