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From Gill Bates <>
Subject file path after transfer in cxf
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2008 00:06:36 GMT
Hi all,
I've recently implement a method transfer byte[] through webservice  
and then write it to the file at my server side.
But then here comes the problem.
If it's in web controller action, I could use  
request.getSession().getServletContext().getRealPath() to get the path  
of webroot.
But in cxf there's no such request object.
What if I want to transfer the file to WebRoot/upload directory?
I tried something like MyClass.class.getResources("/").getPath() to  
get the path of current class , and then append some strings to get  
the real path of WebRoot/upload, but it looks different in different  
web containers.

Anyone has an better idea?

Yanchuan Li
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