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From "Benson Margulies" <>
Subject Re: JAXRS : JavaScript client code generation
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 13:56:56 GMT
Right now, the code generation maps from the CXF abstract service
model to Javascript using entirely hand-coded methods. I have this
suspicion that little or none of what you need for JAX-RS is in the
service model. Dan and I had a discussion of a more generic annotation
model. I wanted it to allow some customization of Javascript
generation via some annotations. You might find that that it allowed
all those JAX-RS snails to be represented in the service model. This
is all on the line of trying to make a relatively monolithic
Javascript generator handle both flavors of JAX.

The other direction would be, as you write, to use JAX-RS's existing
data structure to drive the generation of JavaScript, and then to see
how you could set up code sharing with the SOAP generation code I
wrote. If you read the code gen code, you might throw up. Or you might
observe some pieces that look like they could be reused.

Right now, I don't think I have enough neurons left after real-job,
XmlSchema, and real life to take something like this on. However, I
can answer any questions you have about the code and make suggestions
if you head down one path or another.

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 5:48 AM, Sergey Beryozkin
<> wrote:
> Hi Benson
> I was wondering, how realistic could it be to have some of the code in a frontend/javascript
reused to have a client java script code generated which will be able to invoke on a  JAXRS
service ?
> I reckon it would be up to a custom JAXRS RequestHandler (which has an access to a JAXRS
resource class and subresources) to introspect a resource class and respond with a JavaScript
code to be run, say, in a browser. Matching a corresponding capability of SOAP-based services
is the goal.
> Or would it be easier if some form of imtermediate description were available to a java
script code generator ?
> Thanks, Sergey

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