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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Idea: Correlation Interceptor
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2008 09:17:54 GMT

I just proposed this in response to the cxf user thread cxf client 
restart but I think the idea should be discussed on the dev list also.

So what I propose is addíng a correlation interceptor that does two things:
- When sending out a message it stores the exchange and the correlation id.
- When receiving a message it finds the correlated exchange and connects 
the incoming message to the exchange

The interceptor could also create a correlation id if none is set but 
perhaps the correlation id creation should be separated from correlating 
the messsages. This should allow users to write an interceptor that 
manages persistence of messages. Recently we added continuation support 
to the transports perhaps this could also be done with such an 
interceptor. The aproach would then also allow to create an interceptor 
that simply does no correlation so you can receive all responses 
asynchronously. This is important if you want to create fault tolerant 

Any opinions on this?




Christian Schneider

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