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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Issue of JmsConfig which is injected from Spring
Date Sat, 13 Dec 2008 07:37:51 GMT
Hi Willem,

I left out this till now to keep the config simple but the levels of 
configuration you mentioned make much sense.
I hope that I find some time this evening to look into this.



Willem Jiang schrieb:
> Hi Christian ,
> When I worked on CXF-1943, I found the JMSOldConfigHold can't handle the
> jmsConfig which is injected from the Spring well.
> If I injected a jmsConfig instance into the JMSDestination by using the
> Spring configuration, some properties of the jmsConfig will be override
> by the Address, ServerBehaviorPolicy ... etc from the endpointInfo in
> JMSOldConfigHold's createJMSConfigurationFromEndpointInfo method.
> AFAIK, CXF has different level configurations.
> WSDL < configuration file < program API.
> program API can override the configuration file, and configuration file
> can override the WSDL.
> So I think if we inject a new jmsConfig instance into the
> JMSDestination, we should not let the properties value of jmsConfig
> which set by Spring be override by WSDL.
> But here is an other thing, if we don't provide enough information in
> jmsConfig, such as address, we will try to get it from WSDL or endpointInfo.
> Here is my proposal:
> I'd like to add so check points JMSOldConfigHold's
> createJMSConfigurationFromEndpointInfo method, and only set the
> jmsConfig's properties which don't have been set, with the value of
> endpointInfo.
> Any thought?
> Willem


Christian Schneider

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