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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Issue of JmsConfig which is injected from Spring
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 15:00:50 GMT
Hi Christian ,

When I worked on CXF-1943, I found the JMSOldConfigHold can't handle the
jmsConfig which is injected from the Spring well.

If I injected a jmsConfig instance into the JMSDestination by using the
Spring configuration, some properties of the jmsConfig will be override
by the Address, ServerBehaviorPolicy ... etc from the endpointInfo in
JMSOldConfigHold's createJMSConfigurationFromEndpointInfo method.

AFAIK, CXF has different level configurations.
WSDL < configuration file < program API.
program API can override the configuration file, and configuration file
can override the WSDL.

So I think if we inject a new jmsConfig instance into the
JMSDestination, we should not let the properties value of jmsConfig
which set by Spring be override by WSDL.

But here is an other thing, if we don't provide enough information in
jmsConfig, such as address, we will try to get it from WSDL or endpointInfo.

Here is my proposal:
I'd like to add so check points JMSOldConfigHold's
createJMSConfigurationFromEndpointInfo method, and only set the
jmsConfig's properties which don't have been set, with the value of

Any thought?


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